Our Mission

It is our mission at Gun Dogs Unlimited to connect American sportsman and sportswoman with some of the nations finest breeders, trainers, lodges, outfitters, and wildlife artists. In doing so we hope to continue to pass on the rich gun dog tradition and hunting lifestyle for generations to come.

The Gun Dog Heritage


Quality, tradition, and excellence are the foundations upon which Gun Dogs Unlimited was built. In 2012 we set out to create a place that celebrates the tradition, heritage, and beauty that accompany the gun dog and sporting lifestyle.

Next Generation

At Gun Dogs Unlimited connecting sportsman and sportswoman with the best and the brightest in the gun dog and sporting industry is what we do. We connect breeders, trainers, lodges, outfitters, and wildlife artist from around the nation to help preserve and create the next generation of gun dog and sporting enthusiasts.


At Gun Dogs Unlimited we’re committed to providing American sportsman and sportswomen with good dogs, good friends, and good memories. If you are a gun dog breeder, trainer, outfitter, preserve, or wildlife artist, we invite you to help pass on the gun dog and sporting heritage by listing your information with us by Clicking here Posting a Listing is completely FREE!