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Whether you’re looking for your next hunting companion, or simply a friend, we’ve got you covered. From puppies, all the way to finished hunting dogs, these bird dog breeders offer something for everyone.
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Gun Dog Puppies

Chiausi Ridge Kennels
: Chiausi Ridge Kennels
: Illinois
: Llewellin Setter
Quartermoon Goldens
: Quartermoon Goldens
: Colorado
: Golden Retriever
Assisis Setters
: Assisis Setters
: West Virgina
: Llewellin Setter
Weimshadow Kennel
: Weimshadow Kennel
: Nebraska
: Weimaraner
Blue River Weimaraners
: Blue River Weimaraners
: California
: Weimaraner
Georgia Wingmasters
: Georgia Wingmasters
: Georgia
: Labrador Retriever
Red Oak Labrdaor Retrievers
: Texas
: Labrador Retriever
Preston Labs
: Preston Labs
: Wisconsin
: Labrador Retriever
Dustin Retrievers
: Dustin Retrievers
: California
: Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Labrador Retriever
Northern Exposure Kennels
: Maine
: German Shorthaired Pointer
Prince’s Quality Gun Dogs
: Kansas
: German Shorthaired Pointer
Luckyshoes Retrievers
: Luckyshoes Retrievers
: Canada
: Labrador Retriever
Three Cedars Retrievers
: Pennsylvania
: Labrador Retriever


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